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this works, and BTW the exact verbage is title reading detection, but there might be a situation where I apply the command for rows when I should have used the command for columns.
is there a keystroke that neutralizes the one I mistakenly applied, leaving the other one active? or do I just have to delete the JSI file that Ann mentioned and start again?

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Subject: undoing effect in Excel
If you have defined the title reading for row and or columns, and do not
want them to read anymore. All you have to do is open the file. Hit insert V
for the quick settings. Type in title, and arrow down until you hear title
reading, and space until it says none.

I hope this helps,

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Using these keystrokes creates a .jsi file, which you will need to delete in
order to remove the command.

Go to the JAWS screen.
explore utilities folder.
Explore my settings.
Personalized settings.
the excel.jsi file will be there.
Wipe it out.

If that doesn't work, holler and I will look harder.At 06:09 PM 4/17/2020,
you wrote:
I've used Alt+Control+JAWSKey+R which defines the selected columns as
those containing row titles for the current region.
I've also used Alt+Control+JAWSKey+C which defines the selected rows as
those containing column titles for the current region.

what do I have to do if I do not need or want the effect anymore?


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