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Download search everything by void tools you can search network drives with it as an option to search specific locations it's really an awesome search tool you should try it and it's accessible.

Randy Barnett

On Apr 17, 2020, at 6:30 AM, Andrew J. LaPointe <> wrote:

´╗┐Hi, about 3 weeks ago I asked for assistance on how to search my computer
with Jaws and windows 10. I got great responses but,I can't seem to get the
information I need to successfully findfiles and or, contents of a file
within my computer. I have tried multiple times and got more
informationfrom the Web than anything else. I heard an option once Jaws
saying (on this computer)) but not hearing this ever again. The information
I place for search is definitely on my G drive so it should find it. I was
told that the windows key and S was to searchthe whole computer and others
mentioned windows and the e key. What on earth am I doing incorrectly?? I
am sorry for re-posting this but I tried many times over the last few weeks.
Andy and Shubert

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