moderated Re: question about audio feedback loop when using Zoom

Amy Bower

Thanks for suggestions. A couple more thoughts. I heard from Zoom accessibility, and I agree with their assessment (so far) that this is not a screen reader issue, nor is it a dialogue box initiated by Zoom. It is a system-generated message that would probably arise with any video/audio conferencing application. Also, I actually don't hear any feedback - the message about the feedback just pops up. I did some texting last night, and found that I could reproduce the problem when I talked loudly. I have a loud voice anyway (especially when I get animated about a subject), which may be why I'm getting this message and other users are not getting it that much. I've been messing around with the microphone and speaker settings on my Lenovo a little bit, mostly without knowing what I'm doing, with no definitive positive result. My work around for now is to use my Bos Sport headphones, but use the laptop mic (and not the built-in mic on the Bos headphones). This can all be configured in the Zoom audio settings. Can't do this though when doing a family group Zoom, where multiple family members are all using my laptop. Maybe I could achieve the same success if I attached some external speakers to the laptop and set them at some distance away.  If you see references to this feedback issue, don't hesitate to send them my way! Thanks.

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