moderated Re: Stopping Jaws from saying level 1 and bullet numbers in Word?

Ann Byrne

Possibly in quick settings, reading options, uncheck outline level indication.

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Not knowing what version of Word you're running hopefully the following will help:
1. With Word open press, Alt + T, then press the letter, O, or press, Alt + F, then press the letter, T, to open Word options.

2. Down arrow to, Proofing, and tab 1 time to, Auto correct options .... button, and press the spacebar to open.

3. Now, Control + Tab, to, Autoformat as you type, page, now Tab through all the options and you can turn off automatic bulleted list, numbered lists ETC + much more.

4. When you're done tab to, Okay, press enter to save and close.

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Subject: Stopping Jaws from saying level 1 and bullet numbers in Word?

Hello, is there a setting somewhere in verbosity or settings center that will cut down on Jaws saying bullet 55 of 273, or level 1 in a numbered list? In big documents, or when teaching clients, this extra verbiage is confusing.
Thanks, Matthew

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