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Justin Mcdevitt <jhmcdev@...>

Hello Group,


My iTunes music library and playlists are stored on my Pc with some playlists accessible on my iPhone.

iTunes has its flaws, as some of you would attest : one of which is that on occasion playlists disappear from my library, though the songs in these playlists are still there and intact.

There are also occasions, (as recently, when playlists disappear as well.

To counter these events, I have begun to back-up my music library and playlists: a recent decision and a good one.

However, before I started backing up my library, a playlist and the songs in it were deleted or disappeared.

I believe there is a way to recover songs in iTunes for Windows, (and I’m not sure about the correct word to use here), by identifying past iterations, (say from two or three months ago, when the playlist would have been in my library.

There was one tech who worked with the Apple Accessibility online support center who helped me to recover a playlist when this happened a year or so ago. I thought that I had taken notes (in braille) on the process, but if I did, they are not where I would have stored them.

Is there anyone on this list, who uses iTunes for Windows who has encountered this issue, or if not, is technically savvy enough to provide the steps on how to recover this playlist of 60-plus songs.


Best, Justin   

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