moderated question about audio feedback loop when using Zoom

Amy Bower

Hi All:

I’ve become a frequent Zoom user in this new universe of working from home. I’m working on a Lenovo P53 laptop running Windows 10 and Jaws 2020. My problem is that in almost every meeting, my mic and speakers get suddenly muted, and a dialogue box pops up entitled “feedback loop detected”. There are yes and no buttons in the dialogue box to choose whether to continue muting or not. #1 issue is that when everything mutes, so does Jaws, so I don’t even know that the dialogue box has appeared, and can’t use Jaws to navigate to the buttons on it. I’ve figured out a work-around for that, from a tech at FS – I press jaws key + escape, which unmutes Jaws. Then I can navigate to the no button on the dialogue box.

But the bigger problem to solve (#2 problem) is getting this dialogue box not to appear at all, and not to have the mic and speakers automatically muted during a Zoom meeting. I’ve looked everywhere on Google search, and can’t find hardly any reference to this issue at all. After browsing through Jonathan Mosen’s book on Zoom (which is free at the moment, BTW), and not finding anything about this, I emailed Jonathan to ask him directly. His suggestion is to use a USB headset bc it essentially has it’s own sound card built in. There may be an issue with Jaws and the mic/speakers using the same sound card, that hopefully will be overcome with the USB headset. I had been using either the built-in mic and speakers, or a Bos Sport set of headphones with a mic in the cord, that plugs into the laptop’s audio jack. The unwanted muting problem occurs with both set ups. My home office usually has a USB headset kicking around, but alas, when I went to look for one, I found none – I must have taken them to my office. Getting a new one these days is like getting toilet paper, but I do have one on order from Amazon, due to arrive Wednesday. I’m hoping that will solve this very annoying problem. In the meantime, I thought I would describe this problem to the list and see if anyone else had this problem and new how to solve it another way.

Be well.

-Amy B.

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