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I am a PC tekh for 12 years, and I am Comp-it certified!



Yes you can use just about any browser!

And if you need to find the default IP address you can use cmd.exe and the

IpConfig or Ipconfig /all switches

I did a serch for the word usb on the page! I just lookt at my router and one on front and one in the back, I think it will support printers and USB hard disk!

In the past I have owned Linksys, netgear, buffalo, and some other ones!

All was very good with Jaws!

I find the most inportent to find one with support for the stuff you are wanting to use!


I really like the buffalo router I had was very powerful WiFi, I got signals 4 or 5 apartments down at my friends place! routers&index=aps&camp=1789&creative=9325&linkCode=ur2&linkId=a4645a7c7c7f52aee7c779738f266162

I think I used it for like 6 or 8 years!


I did try one of the Synology routers but it was not very good for Jaws, but the router are very nice and supports very much, it is like it’s own computer!

But are a bit expensive $ 190.00



















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I didn’t see on the listing you linked to where it has USB.  Can you use a browser to interface with it for setting it up?  I don’t want to have to use an ap on my phone.


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The NETGEAR, Nighthawk R6400 is a nice one I use it and it’s good with

2.4 and 5 GHZ!

And it’s about $ 100, with support for USB!



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Hi.  Routers are accessible through their web interface.  Ask the technician who will help you set up your router to give you your router's web address.  The address might, for example, be, something like that.  Then you can access it as you would any web site and set up the router on your own if you need to.  Cheers!
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