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Is this a network drive, as Chris suggested it might be, or is it a USB drive (whether flash or HDD or SSD), or is it a partition on one of the internal drives in your computer?

Windows search only searches indexed locations, and though you can set it to search non-indexed locations, believe me, you don't want to do that.  You need to open Control Panel, Indexing options and check to see what your indexed locations actually are a the moment.  If you wish to edit these to add or delete a drive, that drive has to be connected when you're attempting to do so.  Activate the Modify button, and at the top there is a grouping Change selected location that contains a list of locations with checkboxes next to them (and dropdown arrows to expand in case you only want to index some specific folder or folders in a drive).  Checking the checkbox for the drive you want to have searched will add it to the index.

You can add networked drives to the index, and that's well explained here:


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