moderated Re: Using with JAWS

Cohn, Jonathan

I just checked with Chrome and JAWS/NVDA. When you go to your Doctors portal, you will land on a text entry field for your name. This field appears to be correctly labeled for all platforms from reviewing the HTML. If you press enter after putting in your name, and it is the first time, you will then get to a page with two buttons one to enable your web cam and another to proceed without a camera. These buttons appear to work correctly with both screen readers. Back on that first page however, the check in button that is one tab stop beyond the patient name field does not respond to click events correctly, you would need to switch to focus mode and then hit space or enter on that button. Probably means  that the developer took a span and marked it up with ARIA to create what appears to be a button, but then used mouse or pointer down events to trigger the button instead of click events. Probably more information than you were asking for!

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