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Hi Tom,
I am also a newly totally blind person. Below is instruction that was sent out a few months ago. Hope it will help.

Here below is the instructions to set the on start page in the new Chromium Edge.


How to set on start page in Chromium Edge:


1. Open Edge settings  ALT+F,S
2. TAB once, down arrow 3 times to on start, hit Enter (the On Startup Pane is now open with three radio buttons.
3. Navigate to and activate the third radio button, Open a specific page or pages.  Once you've done that the Add a new page button becomes available - Activate it
4. In the add a new page dialog that pops up, enter the URL of the page you'd like to have open when Edge starts.  You've said you want Google, so enter
5. Navigate to the Add button after the text box where you entered the URL, and activate it.

You're done.  Now when you open Edge it will show as the start page, which is what you're looking for.  The Start page and the home page can

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hello everyone,

my name is Tom, I just lost my vision entirely back in August 2019,  and I’ve only been learning Jaws since September 2019,  so I’m still a newbie.

I hope I am sending this to the right place, being a newbie with Jaws, I don’t understand what email address I am sending this  to. I hope I am sending this to the entire group.

in the new chromium version of Microsoft edge, how do I change the default homepage? And change the default search engine to Google?  I mean, who even uses bing? 

I have Jaws 2020, The home annual license version. 

Tom Coburn

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