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Tom Coburn

I know how to go to settings, but I have tabbed all around, and I cannot find it on the settings page.  where is it? 

I am having similar problems with the windows settings application.

On Apr 17, 2020 at 9:41 AM, <Joseph Lee> wrote:


Yes. The following came up on Win10 Forum for Screen Reader Users archive (way back in January 2020):,,,20,0,0,0::relevance,,Edge+home+page,20,2,0,69745495


You will need to open Edge settings (Edge menu (Alt+F)/Settings), search “startup”, tab around, then from On Startup grouping, select “Open a specific page or pages Open a specific page or pages”.




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hello everyone,



my name is Tom, I just lost my vision entirely back in August 2019,  and I’ve only been learning Jaws since September 2019,  so I’m still a newbie.



I hope I am sending this to the right place, being a newbie with Jaws, I don’t understand what email address I am sending this  to. I hope I am sending this to the entire group.



in the new chromium version of Microsoft edge, how do I change the default homepage? And change the default search engine to Google?  I mean, who even uses bing? 



I have Jaws 2020, The home annual license version. 



Tom Coburn

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