moderated searching my coputer

Andrew J. LaPointe

Hi, about 3 weeks ago I asked for assistance on how to search my computer
with Jaws and windows 10. I got great responses but,I can't seem to get the
information I need to successfully findfiles and or, contents of a file
within my computer. I have tried multiple times and got more
informationfrom the Web than anything else. I heard an option once Jaws
saying (on this computer)) but not hearing this ever again. The information
I place for search is definitely on my G drive so it should find it. I was
told that the windows key and S was to searchthe whole computer and others
mentioned windows and the e key. What on earth am I doing incorrectly?? I
am sorry for re-posting this but I tried many times over the last few weeks.
Andy and Shubert

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