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Tom Lange

I ran across something similar when attempting to install Jaws 13 build 718 on a Dell Vostro laptop today. Avast antivirus thought that one of the JAWS components was a threat and stopped the installation dead in its tracks. Worse still, JAWS did not report that an Avast dialog had popped up, and it took some messing around with the JAWS cursor to detect the dialog and find out what had hung the install. However, once I told Avast to ignore the possible threat, installation continued without a hitch and was finished in a matter of seconds. I guess it pays to shut down some antivirus programs before installing if there's any possibility that things like this can happen. BTW, I've never had issues like that while running NOD32 antivirus or Microsoft Securitty Essentials.


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Rick I also use MSE and had no problem installing the newest update of Jaws13. As I recall it's has been said that you might have to shut down a program like AVG. Good luck.
Your Friend Dave

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I have installed the JAWS update on a desktop running Windows 7 Ultimate without incident.

But when installing the update on my Netbook running Windows XP, I did encounter something different.
I was using the update through JAWS feature.
And when it came to the certain downloading point, my antivirus program, the latest AVG 2012, hung up, suspecting the JAWS executable file was a threat.
After a moment or 2 of o dear me, I went ahead and said to Allow.

Seemingly, the update worked with no other problem and the perceived threat was of no consequence.

BTW, on the desktop running Windows 7, I am using Microsoft Security Essentials.

But I wonder if anyone else had this.
Or if my trusting ways could have hurt me.


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a search at for the phrase "repair jaws" got
me this:

Alternatively, you can go into Jaws Help, Getting Started with
Jaws, and hit enter on Maintenance Setup.

At 07:20 AM 2/13/2012, you wrote:
I was trying to download the newest update to JAWS 13 on my net book computer. It seemed to be taking a very long time, and then it said it couldn't complete the update. It suggested I do a repair of JAWS 13 and try again. How do I repair JAWS 13?

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