moderated Re: Word Press: How do I edit the title of a blog/web page, and how do I remove blog entries in Word Press?

Jim Weiss

What browser are you using to work inside of WordPress?  I am primarily a Mac user, but am running Windows 10 as a virtual machine.  I seem to have the best luck with my edits using Chrome (latest version) on Win 10 version 1909.
I am very new to WordPress and attribute most of my problems with my unfamiliarity of the platform.  Also if you know of any sites or podcasts that provide some hints and tips it would be greatly appreciated.  I am trying to avoid purchasing the $99 book that I keep coming across.

Thanks in advance,

Jim Weiss

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Subject says it all. If I can accomplish the above two tasks, the blog I’ve created would be much better.


Thanks in advance for the help.

Kevin, Jilly and Valerie

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