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Glenn / Lenny

Whatever router you decide on, make sure it uses WI-FI 5, or MU-MIMO .
But now routers are using WI-FI 6, and although we might all have the
Internet speeds available by our ISP, these devices manage the sharing of
available band width better and more efficiently.
Here's a good article:
But personally, I think that having USB ports for either a backup drive to
access over the network, or to be able to boot Linux throughthe network is
But Jeff, although you only have 15 things on your router, I foresee all of
us having a lot more things on our personal networks.
And on your router, have you tried a hard reset?
And if you do get a new one, be sure to use the same SSID and password you
currently use so everything will automatically connect to the new router.

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I think I might be in the market for a new router myself. I got my
stimulus payment and figure it's a good way to use some of it.

However, I'm not as concerned with accessibility as I am with
performance. I'm experiencing an issue with my current router where the
5 GHz band frequently crashes, disconnecting all the devices and
requiring a reboot of the router. I can't figure out what is causing
this and am completely baffled as to how to troubleshoot it.

I'm hoping that upgrading to new hardware will resolve the problem. I
have about 15 wifi devices connected simultaneously, a third of them are
connected to the 5 GHz band.

Since I'm investing in a new router, I'd like to get one that offers
wifi 6 support, but I live in a 1 level apartment that's less than 1000
square feet, so I don't need a mesh router. What I want to know is which
features should I be considering to support this many devices with room
to expand. Does a triband router support more devices? I've read
something about streams and the speeds a router will provide. What
should I be looking for in a router? Brand recommendations would also be


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