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Brian Zolo

Hey there, Marty, Brian Zolo here in Gahanna, Ohio.  Netger and Asus routers are great, as long as you can access them from your browser, you’re in good shape!  There are some that can be accessed from the i-phone but I prefer windows access.  We had an eero router but it could only be accessed from the i-phone and it didn’t work with voiceover.  I’m on spectrum and I can access our combination modem/router from google chrome or firefox or internet explorer.  Have a blesse day!  Your bro!  BZ! 


From: [] On Behalf Of Marty Hutchings
Sent: Tuesday, April 14, 2020 5:15 PM
Subject: An accessible router


My WIFI router has bit the dust.  Does anyone have any recommendations for a router with an accessible interface with JAWS?

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