moderated Jaws problem making labels in Word 365

Norma A. Boge

Hi group,


On my Win 10 PC I’m using J 2020.2003.13 and Word 365. I am making address labels, and when I type or paste text into the address field, I am unable to review the text with Jaws. When I curser around I get nothing. No blank blank or anything, and this is using PC and Jaws cursor. If I use the touch cursor, I can get to where I can see the address on one line, which is better than nothing, I guess. A sighted person can see the address fine, and it prints fine on the label but I really need to be able to review and edit and make sure it’s correct before I print. I don’t recall when this issue began,   but I know it was happening in J 2019. Word is maximized and restarting Jaws doesn’t help. I just tried it with J 2018 with the same result.

I welcome your suggestions. Maybe I should contact FS tech support but often the info I get from this list is much more helpful. 😀   


Take care,


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