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Some are more accessible via the web interface more than others.
I currently use a Linksys Smart router, and it works best with Internet Explorer.
Even with that, although you can get to the links either with space bar, or enter key, they don't say "link", so you have to hope that you are entering on a link.
Listing links won't expose them as links.
But I am never the less able to configure it.
It is called "smart" because it can prioritize the devices based on type of usage, and you are supposed to drag an item up or down the list of devices, but I have never been able to make this work with a screenreader.
Other than that, I can set it up and save the configuration file and do updates and all the normal stuff with it.
It is both 2.4 and 5 GHZ, and has three antennas, 4 ports, and 2 USB ports.

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Hi.  Routers are accessible through their web interface.  Ask the technician who will help you set up your router to give you your router's web address.  The address might, for example, be, something like that.  Then you can access it as you would any web site and set up the router on your own if you need to.  Cheers!
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