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On Tue, Apr 14, 2020 at 12:33 AM, Glenn / Lenny wrote:
Yeah, I have had sighted people watching the screen while I am going down the page, and they have told me that the highlighted items are jumping all over the screen, yet to me, I am just going down the page.
Trust me, that's one of the most frustrating experiences those of us who can see have when trying to work with individuals using screen readers.  And it's not the fault of those individuals.  I have never yet figured out any rhyme or reason to traversal order on most webpages via screen reader.  Focus flows nothing like it "should" to those of us who see.  And, believe me, very often what you think of as "just going down the page" is, in actuality, anything but, which is making your life that much harder whether you know it or not, and through no fault of your own.

I cannot tell you how thankful I was when I discovered the NVDA add-on Focus Highlight, which shows not only where the screen reader is but what state it's in for the object on which it has focus.  I can't remember what JAWS calls it at the moment, as I haven't tutored JAWS for the last year, but I know that the same thing has been added to JAWS.

And I'd tell any screen reader user who's engaging sighted help to please, please turn that feature on when you're working with a sighted helper.  Otherwise we have no freakin' idea where a screen reader has jumped to in many instances, particularly since when it's off there's no effort to keep scrolling on the visible webpage in sync with where the screen reader has landed.  When that's somewhere that's literally off-screen unless those add-ons/features are enabled, it's a nightmare for your assistant.

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