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My friend did not say it could not be done. What they said was that it did not look like a site that was going to work well with Jaws and gave reasons why. It is interesting that people on this list are quick to criticize the fact that I called in a sighted person to see if they could help me see something to do different. But, not one person has offered even one suggestion of how I could improve my skills and learn how to navigate such a site. I’m even being criticized for doing what I could to resolve my own problem before searching out this list, subscribing, waiting to be approved, and asking the members for help.


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Most sighted people don't, but there are a few who do.  I'm usually leary when someone says something ca't be done, unless I know they are trained in accessibility or are very familiar with JAWs. 


Mr. Damery is one such individual.





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If he is familiar with the screen reader used by the blind individual:  As is Eric Damery:  He could well know whether a site accommodates screen readers.  Or at least the one with which he is familiar.


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How would a sighted person know if something is doable with a screenreader?


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I want to explore the possibility of ordering groceries from I have the latest version of Jaws and a sighted friend says it doesn’t look doable with a screen reader to them. Is anyone using the regular part of or the section with positive results? When I tried to navigate the sight, there did not seem to be  any rhyme or reason to things but I’m told visually it is laid out very clearly. Also, when I tried to search Google for any tips, I got nowhere.






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