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Amanda Crocker

I just tried as was using JAWS2020 and Firefox. I found that it read pretty well using the tab and arrow keys. I am less practiced and fluent with a lot of the short cut keys. I usually have to use my cheat sheets unless they’re the basic ones like ctrl v ctlc c, ect. so those of you that are more comfortable with website shortcuts and using the find function can probably navigate quicker, but it can be navigated using tab, shift tab, and arrows. The first couple of tabs will take you to a search bar, you can search for a specific item, or a type of item. Pres enter. Below the search banner area you are in, there is a panel on the right that you can narrow your results in using criteria like brand, types, ect. then there is a big grid layout area of the different search results, it reads what the result is and tab again for a add to cart button. On the left is a panel with your cart items.

The biggest thing I had an issue with, and I think it was mostly a knowledge issue with me not know knowing the correct keys, was getting from the right panel, to the middle panel where it listed all the item choices.    


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