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So, how did you navigate the site and what browser were you using? Instacart
and Shipt are not in my area yet. So, doing Walmart pickup is the best
option right now.

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I ordered from Wal-mart. The site was wonderfully accessible. I received an
acknowledgment of my order, and each time I added to the list I received an
email confirming my additions. An hour before the scheduled delivery,
Wal-mart canceled the order. The email said for 'operational reasons'.

I have used Shipt twice since then. the site isn't as good as Wal-Mart, but
they have delivered.
At 11:13 PM 4/11/2020, you wrote:
I want to explore the possibility of ordering groceries from I have the latest version of Jaws and a sighted friend
says it doesn't look doable with a screen reader to them. Is anyone
using the regular part of or the
section with positive results? When I tried to navigate the sight,
there did not seem to be any rhyme or reason to things but I'm told
visually it is laid out very clearly. Also, when I tried to search
Google for any tips, I got nowhere.


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