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That’s terrible, there’s no reason for a company that big not to be accessible everywhere. Judy & Libby


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It is doable but very challenging and frustrating.
I ordered from their website once, and decided to stick with Instacart because it is more user-friendly.


By the way I have been told Walmart app on android as accessible. However the iPhone version is not.



On Apr 12, 2020, at 12:13 AM, NCBootman <ncbootman@...> wrote:

I want to explore the possibility of ordering groceries from I have the latest version of Jaws and a sighted friend says it doesn’t look doable with a screen reader to them. Is anyone using the regular part of or the section with positive results? When I tried to navigate the sight, there did not seem to be  any rhyme or reason to things but I’m told visually it is laid out very clearly. Also, when I tried to search Google for any tips, I got nowhere.



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