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James Bentley

Can you order fresh produce and vegies or ground beef?


I have used Walmart pickup  but I seem to be limited to just the items that show up one the first page of the web site.  When I try to find other items thatI know are in the store, no luck.


James B 


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Sent: Monday, April 13, 2020 7:38 AM
Subject: Re: and Jaws


I have been using the Walmart ordering system for pickup for about six months. I have no issues what so ever. Most of my orders are of 75 items or more and it’s easy to keep track of what is ordered and what is spent on the fly.      


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From: NCBootman
Sent: Monday, April 13, 2020 4:40 AM
Subject: and Jaws


I want to explore the possibility of ordering groceries from I have the latest version of Jaws and a sighted friend says it doesn’t look doable with a screen reader to them. Is anyone using the regular part of or the section with positive results? When I tried to navigate the sight, there did not seem to be  any rhyme or reason to things but I’m told visually it is laid out very clearly. Also, when I tried to search Google for any tips, I got nowhere.




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