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           As I have previously mentioned, F11 will only work in an MS-Word form document that has no editing restriction imposed.  A well designed form should have editing restriction imposed to allow only filling out the form as its initial state.  The three templates I supplied are an example of that.
            If you have either the blank templates you're using, or links to same I'll be happy to take a look at them, but I am not going to even try to guess as to what the designer may or may not have done with regard to the design of that template or restricting editing.

            As an aside, I do not know why, but all of your replies are embedding your message immediately after a quotation of the message heading from my prior message and before the message body of my prior message.  This is very unusual since it has happened more than once.  Top-posting is generally the best way to respond unless you are making a point by point response or are maintaining a line from a previous message for context.  Neither seems to have been the case here.


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