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           By the way, and I just tried it, if someone has created an MS-Word fillable form template, and has NOT restricted editing, you can jump from form field to form field using F11 to move forward and SHIFT+F11 to move backward.  A good form template should have editing restricted to filling in the form only as the initial state.  If editing of the text that's a part of the form itself, rather than a fillable field, one can do so using these instructions.  (Note:  Anyone who intends to be creating or using Microsoft Word Fillable Forms needs to add the Developer Tab to MS-Word and keep it there.  Several of the commands below rely on having access to commands in the Developer Tab, which is not visible, nor accessible, in Word's default state).

Unprotecting All Word Form Fields and Converting Them to Regular Text

1.       You must first remove the restricted editing settings that allow you only to fill out the form

a.       Activate the Developer Tab, Restrict Editing.  ALT+L,PE

b.       Activate the Stop Protection button, which is the only button.  Just Hit Enter

c.       Close the Restrict Editing pane.  CTRL+Spacebar,C

2.       Select all content in the document.  CTRL+A

3.       Issue the command to convert all form fields to regular Word text.  CTRL+SHIFT+F9

At this point all form fields will be straight text like the rest of the document, and can be edited just as you usually would.  You cannot reverse this action, so be certain you have filled out anything that needs to have been filled out before going through the above steps.


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