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            I'd have to see the actual template you're trying to use, as what various people consider templates, and even more so, form templates, varies widely.

If you want to play with three MS-Word Form Templates created by me, that are entirely accessible, download and open any one of these three:




In each, once you activate the template a new fillable form will open in MS-Word.  You tab from form field to form field, some are edit boxes, some are checkboxes, and on each the screen reader should announce what it is you have landed on such that you know what you would be entering or checking/unchecking.  Hitting F1 on any form field should give additional help, but most often will just repeat what you heard when you first landed in the field.  I did the F1 help mostly so if someone was in the middle of filling out a form, and got distracted by something, they could just hit F1 to find out where they had been in the form rather than needing to tab and shift+tab or vice versa to get the form filed announced again.


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