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On Sun, Apr 12, 2020 at 11:41 AM, brian albriton wrote:
We have outlook already installed. How would we make it a part of the windows search?
Control Panel, Indexing Options, Modify Button.  In the Indexed Locations dialog that comes up, in the top section entitled Change selected locations, is a list of locations with a checkbox for each.  If you arrow down through that list on a system that has Outlook installed, one of those should be Microsoft Outlook.  Check it, then navigate to and activate the OK button.  You'll be back at the Indexing Options dialog.

After that I would also recommend rebuilding the index immediately.  You do this by activating the Advanced button then in the Advanced Options dialog navigating to the Rebuild button and activating it.  You will then get a warning dialog that the rebuild can take a long time to complete (which is true) and that your search results will be incomplete until it does with an OK or Cancel option.  You'll OK it.  In my case it took seconds because I had not changed anything to be indexed, but when you add locations it will toss out the entire existing index and rebuild it from scratch.  You need not do this if you don't want to, as it will eventually occur "naturally" but I like to force it so that I know it has completed and I can expect that the new location(s) I've added to the index should now show up when I do a Windows Search.

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