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That is the whole book about 18 mp3 files.

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I think he only made the first skill accessable for free. I don’t think the whole book is. The part that’s free is titled Meet Me in the Cloud
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In terms of scripts, they’re already included in Jaws 2019, and 2020. IN terms of instructions, take a look at Jonathan Mosen’s “Meet me Accessibly” which he recently made available for free over at

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De: Tim Ford<>
Enviado: sábado, 28 de marzo de 2020 09:21 p. m.
Asunto: JAWS with Zoom Meeting?

Hello All,

On Monday I need to be on a Zoom meeting. I have a good microphone and have used Zoom in the past. I need to “train” one other person who has never used ?Zoom.

Are there any Zoom scripts or JAWS instructions? Any suggestions are much appreciated.

Tim Ford

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