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I actually played with the free trial of Transcribear's online automated transcription using an MP4 file I recorded of a brief sewing lesson.  They will give you a free trial of 20 minutes of automated transcription, which can be used only to do 2 minute stretches at a time, but it allows it on as many files as you want, so you can try all sorts of different quality recordings to see how it will do.   

I can't speak to accessibility, but the transcription quality seems to be quite good, if not perfect, if the audio is even adequate.

9 hours of paid transcription would come to $33 USD, its 3 GBP per hour for 1 through 9 hours, and the credits last for 3 months.  The more hours you need the cheaper they get, but the drop is not astronomical as the expense is minimal to begin with.


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