Re: Help needed with a script for selecting next character

Kimber Gardner

I would love an example if it's not a lot of trouble.

When I assign the script to a key, can I use the shift + right arrow?
If I use that key combination and put it in the jkm file associated
with my emulator, it shouldn't negatively impact that key combination
in other applications, right?

Thanks for the help.


On 2/15/12, John Martyn <> wrote:
Since there isn't a get next character, but there is a get prior character
this makes it a little difficult and there are some steps.
First you need to use the command SelectNextCharacter
Then you do a getSelectedText function
Then speak the selected text.
If you need an example, I can write one for you.
John Martyn

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Subject: Help needed with a script for selecting next character

Hi All,

I've never done any scripting before, but I find I need a script to select
and read next character in a terminal emulation program I use at work.

I was able to find the jkm file associated with the application but I'm
having trouble adding the keystroke.

I know that shift+right arrow selects by characters, but I need to hear each
character spoken as it is selected.

Can anyone help with this?

Feel free to contact me offlist.


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