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Ashleigh Piccinino

My best bet, if I were you, would be to get help from the group for now. Howeveer, by buying the book “Meet me in the Cloud” by Jonathan Mosen, you can read and/or listen to everything he does with Zoom. Of course, Mr. Mosen was the moderator for the FScasts back in the day up untill recently.

On Apr 4, 2020, at 11:06 AM, Justin Mcdevitt <jhmcdev@...> wrote:

Hello List members,


Later today, I am participating in my first Zoom conference event. I have downloadedZoom whose scripts are part of Jaws 2020.

I have made note of a number of keyboard commands to use within the Zoom platform.

I have located a pair of headphones to use during the conference.

Just prior to the event, I will click on the Join Link.

I know there is a hotkey to set up the audio link specific to the headphones.

I would appreciate any tips on how to maximize my participation as this is my maiden voyage specific to Zoom.


Peace and best to all, Justin .

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