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Tom Behler

Thanks, Ann.

I didn't even know this command existed.

You learn something new every day!

Tom Behler

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Perhaps speech on demand, where JAWS only speaks when you actively press a
read command. Invoke it with insert+spacebar, then s. Return to full
speech with the same keystroke.
At 09:04 PM 4/10/2020, you wrote:
Hello, everyone.

I'm in the process of learning how to use Zoom with Jaws, and have a
question that may seem elementary to some.

When in a Zoom meeting, Jaws lets me know as things are happening in
the meeting, such as when new people join, who is raising their hand, etc..

This is great information to have; but I often don't need it when
attending or participating in a meeting, since I'm typically not the
main meeting organizer.

I suppose I could mute my audio via Alt A, but then people won't be
able to hear me.

I also could turn Jaws off, but that seems a bit extreme.

Any suggestions for dealing with unwanted Jaws speech during a Zoom
meeting would be appreciated.

I simply don't want to distract other meeting attendees.

Thank you.

Tom Behler

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