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JM Casey

You can go to chrome settings, advanced, downloads, and activate that toggle that says "ask where to save each download" or something, if you want a prompt.
Ctrl-j will also take you to your downloads "library".

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My experience with Chrome is that when I click on a download link, the file is downloaded without any confirmation. The way to find out if it's arrived in your system is to press shift-F6. If it's there, JAWS will speak its name. Assuming your default is your downloads folder, you can also navigate to that folder and confirm.

Robin answered your other question. I'd add that control-F4 closes an individual window for me.

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Subject: Chrome commands question using Windows 10 and JAWS 2020

Good morning group,

I am using Chrome on a Windows 10 machine with JAWS 2020 and I am having trouble with the following tasks which I had no problem completing using Firefox (which has gone completely flaky on my laptop).
Opening a file on a web page. In Firefox I could click a file link and I would be given the option to open or save the file. Chrome does not give me this option. According to web searches using CTRL+Enter and/or SHIFT+Enter should do the trick. Neither option works for me.

Closing a window and/or going back to the previous window. In Firefox I could use the File, Close Window to complete this task. As an example after performing a Google search I click on a result and after reading it I want to go back to the results page. Web searches have not turned up any viable solutions.

Thanks for everyone's help,


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