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JM Casey


The back button should work the same in firefox and chrome. Use alt-left arrow if you are in the same window. Not positive but I think there is a way in preferences to force everything to open in the same window or tab. Maybe look around for that.
Regarding Firefox, I was having a lot of problems with it this week. I don't know exactly what happened. It has two or three times now gone screwy before an update, which is very strange. Sometimes an update fixes the problem ... it did until recently, but yesterday I ended up refreshing the browser *again*, after having already done so before the update to no avail. Now firefox is good and snappy again using the latest update and an oldie JFW 2018. So maybe make sure you are up to date and, if you are still experiencing firefox flakiness, try a refresh -- you'll have to re-install your extensions though. The only one I had was uBlock origin -- jury's out on whether uBlock was actaully causing some of the issues I was having.

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Subject: Chrome commands question using Windows 10 and JAWS 2020

Good morning group,

I am using Chrome on a Windows 10 machine with JAWS 2020 and I am having trouble with the following tasks which I had no problem completing using Firefox (which has gone completely flaky on my laptop).
Opening a file on a web page. In Firefox I could click a file link and I would be given the option to open or save the file. Chrome does not give me this option. According to web searches using CTRL+Enter and/or SHIFT+Enter should do the trick. Neither option works for me.

Closing a window and/or going back to the previous window. In Firefox I could use the File, Close Window to complete this task. As an example after performing a Google search I click on a result and after reading it I want to go back to the results page. Web searches have not turned up any viable solutions.

Thanks for everyone's help,


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