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JM Casey

Well, I wouldn’t. There are a few levels of uAC; I wouldn’t just say yes to whatever it asks, it’s good that it lets you know what programmes are attempting to do admin tasks and I’m certainly glad (after having disabled it for a time myself) that extra layer of security is there. User discretion is a good thing.


The 33% setting doesn’t seem to work with jAWS or nVDA in the sense that you can’t read what app is attempting to gain access. Weird. I have mine set to 66% (I think it is) and the difference isnt’ appreciable, and now I can read the uAC screen properly. Not sure about the “secure uap” window the OP mentions – have you tried a google search to see what this might be?




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Why not just disable uac?  It doesn't really do what it promises, and many people will just say yes to whatever they are asked anyway.



On 4/10/2020 08:06, Daniel Wolak wrote:

Hi all,

I’m running into an issue with jaws 2020 on Windows10 1909,x64.

Every time a uac dialogue comes up, I’m not presented with the dialogue as normal.

Rather, the window that comes up is something entitled $$$Secure UAP Background Window.

Jaws seems to lag significantly, although I am able to alt+tab into the uac dialogue and then hit alt+y to accept.

I’ve sent this to Vispero, but am just wondering if anyone on the list has any ideas about this?





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