moderated What navigation key should I use for the any link key


Hi! My first post here I have dabbled with JAWS before in which it seems a long time ago. Most of that previous info is gone. I have been a NVDA user for the last while. I’m taking advantage of the  free download of JAWS so I can learn a second screenreader. I found it a little frustrating that if I wanted to skip through just links I potentially had to use 2 different buttons. I’m talking about the unvisited and visited buttons. So I did some googling and yay! I came across info about the anylink option.  I am thinking I am going to make the anylink key the K button  and move the place marker key to the J button but, what should I do with the jump to line command which is J at the moment? It seems all the letter navigation keys are taken. I could be wrong about that though. I don’t have any plans on using the jump to line feature at the moment so burying it somewhere doesn’t bother me that much. I’m also open To hear in which what navigation key you used for the Anylink key                  

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