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David Griffith


I am using both Outlook subscription version and Windows Mail

I use Jaws 2020 but have also used Jaws 2019 without issues.


Windows Mail in particular takes a little getting used to as you lose focus from the inbox list every time new messages arrive

If you hear navigation bar or loading this will mean you have lost focus from the inbox but you will then become a fan of the shift tab key as a press or two of this should land you back on the inbox. This is part of my muscle memory so this has ceased to be annoying.

The advantage of Windows Mail for me over Outlook is that it is lightning fast, easy to set up and has a fantastic automatic preview reading feature which allows you to hear the first 2 or 3 lines of an email as you cursor down the inbox. This often allows me to delete mail without even opening it.

Occasionally Mail will crash with Jaws, though not with NVDA for some reason. However Mail is so fast at loading I again have got used to just  pressing the windows key and pressing M  to launch it again.


Outlook is slower but with more bells and whistles but as far as I am aware has absolutely no access issues of any significance. I am using it with Jaws 2019 at the moment to check that nothing has changed before sending this message back to you.

I think at the moment it would be difficult to find a better alternative than Mail and Outlook as I believe that there has been access issues in the latest version of Thunderbird which was the other mainstay of accessible email clients. There are some legacy version of Outlook Express which apparently have accessibility support but I do not personally use this.


What exactly are the issues you are having with Mail and Outlook? I really think you may be better served trying to sort these out first rather than going  from the frying pan to the fire of other options  which may have even more access challenges.


David Griffith










You have to get used to using the shift






From: <> On Behalf Of Nickus de Vos
Sent: 10 April 2020 12:08
Subject: Email client for Jaws 2019


Hi all
I'm running the latest Windows 10 with Jaws 2019. I'm battling to find a email client which is accessible with Jaws 2019.
I tried MS Office since I have Office 365 and I also tried Windows Mail, but Jaws 2019 seams to have issues with both. Unless I'm missing something, is there maybe settings to be changed or layouts which make these work better with Jaws 2019?

Thank you


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