moderated Re: Would someone share a default.jdf file, please?

Marie <>

Part of the problem could be the weird issue in the English language of spelling words the same but having a different pronunciation depending on where the word is used. Unfortunately a screen reader can only have one way of pronouncing these word so they pick the most common usage.
Example is you might read a text today or you may have read it yesterday.

From: Leo
Sent: Thursday, April 9, 2020 10:05 AM
Subject: Would someone share a default.jdf file, please?

Hi everyone,

I like to use eloquence synthesizer because it’s very responsive, and I’m used to it. However, if you use this voice on a regular basis, you’ll have probably noticed that eloquence awkwardly mispronounce lots of words, some of them very common words. So, I wonder if someone has a default dictionary for jaws that is willing to share. Besides, given that I’m not a native English speaker, all too often I can’t figure out how a word is accurately pronounced.

If someone could share with me their default.jdf file, I’d really appreciate it.


Tanks in advance







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