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Curtis Delzer

only issue is getting ANY screen reader to properly focus on the input fields for registering!! that ain't easy. I have quite a Kindle collection, but like most I upgraded myself right out of the Codex ability to properly handle the formatting so I can import epub books into my text dream reader on my phone, but I want it back and I want the later books I've downloaded so, my question is; must I have the old Kindle after I register it re-download the books or can it read this format? Or must it re-download and use the files' structure it knows which Codex knows?

Maybe I've answered my own question, still, about registering it is an issue! how to get any screen reader to properly focus, let alone properly get it to use "amazon dot com" not or :)

Curtis Delzer
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On 4/8/2020 6:22 AM, Richard Turner wrote:
Here is a little more info.

Codex by James Scholes
Here is a little section from his web site. I encourage any avid readers to follow the link below and read about it and install the utility.
A few years ago, I wrote a tutorial which guided people through the installation and configuration of software for the purposes of gaining access to books
purchased from the Amazon Kindle Store. The guide proved popular, but it required heavy use of the command line, making it unsuitable and daunting for
quite a lot of people, not to mention that it was an absolute nightmare to troubleshoot if anything went wrong. Which it frequently did.
Subsequently, in 2014, I started to develop a small prototype application to make the process easier and more intuitive, not only for people wanting to
read Kindle eBooks, but also for me when people needed help. I named it Codex, a word used from the 16th century onwards to denote, now ancient, manuscripts
in book form. In the second half of 2015, I finally rewrote that prototype to include the functionality I wanted it to have from the start, and the software
is now publicly available to download.
Please note, that you can only convert books you have purchased and only for your use--you cannot share them with others without violating the copyright
laws and cheating the author out of their tiny royalties.
In order to convert your Kindle books with Codex, you will need to install Kindle For PC version 1.17, or earlier, but you can get from my web site 1.17 here:
Here is the link to the Codex Project web site.
This is Richard again,
I purchased a Kindle book recently, Beginnings, A Kate Martinelli novella by Laurie R. King, and I couldn't download it and then update Kindle for PC, which was not a good plan.
Make sure you get into the Kindle for PC settings and turn off automatic updates.
Also, if you haven't used Kindle For PC, the registration screen is not very accessible and you may need sighted assistance to get your account set up.
I think I will uninstall and try grabbing an older version even from the link Dean sent.


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Like David, I have no desire whatsoever to read on my pc. Unfortunately, it is an either/or situation with Kindle. Either you read books on the computer, in which case you can use the latest Kindle for Pc which has screen reader features, or you use Codex, which requires the older Kindle for PC version which does not. I choose the latter. I convert Kindle books into .txt or .epub effortlessly, and read them on my braille device or on and iPhone using Voice Dream Reader. Getting this process set up is a little tricky, but once that small hurdle is overcome, Kindle is wonderful.

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Hello. Codex continues to work but in order to use it you must use an earlier version of the Kindle for PC software which will not work at all with screen readers. This is a tradeoff I am willing to make as I have no desire to be tethered to my computer in order to read a book and prefer to use my iPhone. However, for several reasons I acknowledge that this is not an ideal situation for some people and that being able to use a Windows computer to read Kindle content may be preferable and even necessary.

On 4/7/2020 5:40 PM, Sue J. Ward wrote:
Hello. I noticed a post in reading kindle books using jaws don't know
if it has been posted to the web training on demand yet, think it is
going to be covered this Thursday April 9. I was wondering if you
download books from the kindle store and you want to convert them so
you can read in notepad what does everyone use since back in 2016
codex worked really well on my machine it does not work anymore, and
since we are in the year 2020 what other programs can you use to
convert the books from the kindle format to a plain text file? Thanks
for any help.

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