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Connect and Learn for April 7 and 9


Elizabeth Whitaker


The Connect and Learn sessions for April 7 and 9 will be recorded and available to stream or download on our

Webinars On Demand page.



We appreciate all your questions and feedback as we continue to provide targeted training and resources during these challenging times.


Tuesday: Access the Freedom Scientific YouTube Training Channel with JAWS from the link below.



contains short how-to videos designed to help you gain new

skills on applications you use every day. We’ll cover:


list of 2 items

• General navigation of the Freedom Scientific

YouTube Training Channel

• Using playlists

list end


Thursday: Access the Kindle for PC App with JAWS


Amazon’s Kindle for PC app is frequently used to read books

at home and in school. Thanks to a collaboration between Freedom Scientific and

Amazon, JAWS now contains improved support for the Kindle app to increase

access to a wide range of materials. We’ll give you an overview of the app and show

you how to:


list of 2 items

• Navigate your library

• Use keyboard commands to read a book

list end


Connect with Us


Your valuable feedback will help us shape future training opportunities. Ask questions or share your training needs by sending an email to


 or by commenting on this post. We look forward to hearing from you .


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