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Richard Turner <richardturner42@...>

Well, I think Jaws puts scripts in several places.
But, the zoom scripts that installed automatically for me went into:
C:\program data\freedom scientific\jaws\scripts
So, maybe one day, someone from Freedom Scientific will give a definitive answer on this list.
Or at least tell us that all three places that have been given so far work.

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Assuming you are using English, they go in c:\users\<user>\appdata\roaming\freedom
scientific\jaws\2020\settings\enu (I hope I got that correct).

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hi everyone

Michelle here, from Aus

Can anyone tell me where should zip scripts go in Jaws 2020 on windows 10 64 bit system?

Also am running band in a box and cannot get jaws to recognise it. No jaws hot keys or anything when I press insert f1 am told to go to insert 7?

Kind regards hope you all are doing well during these funny times we live.

Michelle Stevens

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