moderated Need help for using Jaws 2020 Windows 10 uploading files to my YouTube channel

Sharon Ballantyne

Hi All,

I am a totally blind user, using JAWS 2020 latest version, Windows 10 on PC laptop. In this world turned upside down I am needing to take zoom recordings and upload them to my YouTube channel.


The upload button is accessed via an icon image of a movie camera for the sighted. My screenreader is skipping over this and I keep needing to get my sighted partner to hit thisbutton so I can upload my files.


Is there a keyboard shortcut command to get me there or some way I can bring this in to focus?


If there are any people comfortable creating YouTube videos with JAWS, I would love any tips. It is very tedious and I think there must be a more efficient way.


Also would love to know how to create a consistent inclusion of a little music lead at the beginning and end! Any and all tips welcome.




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