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just to point something out, changing the attribute of a document file to read-only protects the file from being saved as a modified file. so it doesn't prevent the document from being read. for that, it would have to be password protected that you and the recipient would need to know.

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Date: Friday, April 3, 2020, 9:13 PM
Subject: Protecting a document
Hi Ann,
It really depends what type of document it is, .doc, .pdf or .txt etc,
and who you are protecting it from.
Making it a read only file is the simplest, and can be accomplished by
opening the file properties and checking the read only
checkbox on the general tab.
As for the password protection methods, there are various ways of doing this
depending on the software used to create the file or by third-party
I am not well-versed in Microsoft Word, so I can't give any details on how
to password protect a Word Doc, but I am sure someone else can.
Hopefully others on-list can give more options.

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Subject: Protecting a document

What is the best method for making a document unchangeable? Make it
readonly? Password protect it? How do I do either/both methods?



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