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george b <gbmagoo@...>

Hi mike


I tried your suggestion below and it reads the colors, but one issue…


It says defalt color on white.  How do we know what the defalt color is.


Do you think that is a bug?


I tried a couple of choices with color in the title and get the same result.


What do you think?


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Hi Mike,


Let me first state, I've never tried doing this so you might have to experiment a little.  While in Outlook you can try changing the scheme to see how this works, and to change schemes try the following.

Note:  Take notice of the highlighted scheme when opening the schemes list, so you know which one to revert back to for your default.

1. While in Outlook press, Insert, Alt + S, to open the list of schemes.

2. Navigate up / down through the list and the scheme I would try first is, Colors.  With your chosen scheme highlighted / selected press enter.  Now see if Jaws reads / reports as you want.

Also pressing, Insert + 5, on the number row will report foreground & background colors.

Take care.  Mike.  Sent from my iBarstool.

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Which setting is for getting JAWS to automatically announce when colors change in an email, as I am reading the email? Say the email says, “Tweak what is in red.” I will not always know when to press insert+f.


Thank you,


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