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Mike B.

Hi Mike,
Let me first state, I've never tried doing this so you might have to experiment a little.  While in Outlook you can try changing the scheme to see how this works, and to change schemes try the following.
Note:  Take notice of the highlighted scheme when opening the schemes list, so you know which one to revert back to for your default.
1. While in Outlook press, Insert, Alt + S, to open the list of schemes.
2. Navigate up / down through the list and the scheme I would try first is, Colors.  With your chosen scheme highlighted / selected press enter.  Now see if Jaws reads / reports as you want.
Also pressing, Insert + 5, on the number row will report foreground & background colors.

Take care.  Mike.  Sent from my iBarstool.

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Which setting is for getting JAWS to automatically announce when colors change in an email, as I am reading the email? Say the email says, “Tweak what is in red.” I will not always know when to press insert+f.


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