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Mike B.

Hi David,
If you want practice using the, Jump to line, feature you can do this on any webpage pretty much.  Let's say you go to,, and you're downarrowing or however you navigate just stop on any line, and press the letter, J, and you'll hear Jaws report the following,
Jump To Line Jump To Line dialog  Enter Line Number (1 to 126): edit
Now press the say line command, Insert + uparrow, or the, down arrow key, to hear what line number you're on.  So let's say that this is a line that has a mouseover thingy on it and you want to come back to it another time during this same session.  You would make note of the line number, then when you wanted to come back to this line you would press the letter, J, and enter the page number and press enter.  Now you could press the letter, J, then again press, Insert + up arrow, or downarrow key to verify you're on the correct line number, then press escape to get out of the line number edit field / dialogue.

Take care.  Mike.  Sent from my iBarstool.

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Hi all,

Could somebody provide a link to a web page with mouseover links so we could try this out? I understand the idea but have always had difficulty finding good real world examples.


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