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I only use it at a basic level.

When iTunes opens, you are offered four lists through which you can arrow.


The first is an alphabetical list of genre choices, starting with all. You can arrow through these choices, so if you are only looking for classical pieces, you would arrow down to that genre and the following two lists would only present music from this genre.


You can then tab to the second list, which is an alphabetical list of artists, starting with All.


The third list would contain albums/songs by your chosen artist. You may have several albums by your preferred artist, in which case you would arrow down to the preferred album.


Lastly, you will now have a list of the songs on that album.


If you just tab through these list without making any adjustments, leaving All as the default, then when you reach the final list, what you will have is a complete list of the music you hold in your iTunes folders.




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Subject: Using iTunes with JAWS


Hi all,


I would appreciate some instructions on using iTunes with JAWS. I am using JAWS 2019 and the latest iTunes Version.


Thank you in advance,



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