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I do agree with you concerning the lack of a decent educational system now days in America.  I believe it rests with the low expectations of those instructing todays scholars.  I find children, whether they be blind or sighted, rise to the level of the expectations of those teaching them.   I do have a question for you, however.  How were you able to spell ghost incorrectly.  If you read the Brailled word?  I recall:  My freshman year at the University.  I received audio books from Recording for the blind.  There was a woman who read the entire Canterbury Tales   in middle English.  Pronouncing it as middle English ought to be spoken.  Words, if viewed or touched, which retained their spelling throughout the century’s, such as the word knight, were pronounced quite differently then. Such words, not requiring annotations, if viewed or touched, were most difficult to understand.  Particularly as the entire text was pronounced as it  ought to be.  Given the context in which it first was written.  If children are properly taught:  They shall excel without external assists.  Such is found in programs purchased.    


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Leo, if it is any consolation for the first 5 years in an English school I was spelling ghost incorrectly, no one ever corrected my spelling till grade 5.  Using a spell checker really exposed my spelling and grammatical mistakes. Oh, English is my native language.  Appalling the scholastic system we have in North America.   



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