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I have been blind for above 65 years, now.  I, and those scholars with whom I was taught, learned grade I Braille in the first grade; and learned grade II Braille beginning in the second grade.  There, of course, the most ambitious ones of us, learned grade III Braille.  Which served better for taking Braille notes with the slate and stylus.  I have found, poor spelling had little or nothing at all to do with whether the Braille code was abridged.  Rather, it had to do with the child’s propensity to spell properly.  As a fluent Braille reader:  For above 60 years, and being totally blind longer than those number of years:  I find I and those with whom I matriculated pictured the word in question, as I assume sighted people do.  When writing the printed word.  I assume you do the same thing.  When you write the embossed word.  The word is pictured as written in grade II Braille.  If one uses this method:  It makes no difference in what form the word is written.  However, either using grade II or III Braille serves its purpose, regardless in which language it is written.  As it minimizes the space taken to write the code, and speeds up the reading process.  Also causing the writing of the code to be much speedier.


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Kids need to be taught Braille if they are reading text books by audio, and they should probably only get grade one Braille in elementary school, so they can learn to spell.

I know Blind folks who misspelled words because of using the contractions.


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Leo, if it is any consolation for the first 5 years in an English school I was spelling ghost incorrectly, no one ever corrected my spelling till grade 5.  Using a spell checker really exposed my spelling and grammatical mistakes. Oh, English is my native language.  Appalling the scholastic system we have in North America.   



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